The continued support from the wine industry has seen JMA Engineering grow to be one of the most recognised and reputable companies in this field. Outside of the wine industry, JMA Engineering has extended its manufacturing knowledge, producing stainless steel vessels for the Fruit Juice, Water Treatment, Dairy, Mining, Paper and various other industries requiring stainless steel vessels. JMA Engineering has serviced the wine industry across Australia for 38+ years with the manufacture and construction of:

Stainless Storage Vessels
From 1,000 to 1,000,000 litres -incorporating the very latest technology in high pressure cooling jackets guaranteeing optimum brine flow.

Static & Sweep Arm Fermenters
Up to 300 ton fermenters – state-of-the-art, power efficient, low maintenance, self emptying design.

These can also be used as storage tanks after vintage.

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